banana_slugs (banana_slugs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trading my small Yuuki

Hello, fellow cup users!

A few months have past and I found myself facing a new cup problem: My small Yuuki and I just don't go together. I simply can't stop it from leaking! I've tried several folds (and I do get a seal every time), I turned it inside out and searched the community a hundred times - but I think it's actually too small for me. I never ever had any issues with my large Fleurcup, it sits perfectly every period and keeps me protected at least 15 hours on my heaviest day.

Anyway, since I now have a cup at home that I can't use, would anyone like to trade their large Diva or Lunette or Green Donna or Fleurcup with me?
I trimmed the stem a little bit (I will post a picture as soon as possible), I hope that won't be a problem. And, of course, I will sterilize the cup before (by cooking).

I'm living in Austria, so the preferred destination would be anywhere here in Europe, but I guess US would also be okay.

If you would like to trade, just leave a comment and I'll pm you!

Oh, and please excuse any weird sentences, I'm sitting here with a cold and fever; I can't really think clearly right now.
Tags: divacup, fleurcup, green donna, lunette, sizes/size issues

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