Анастасия (stasya_s) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Mooncup - pictures

Hi everyone,
I have made some comparison pictures of the "new" and "old" Mooncup UK for my russian blog, and I feel like share it with you.
Sorry if I make some mistakes in English.

Main differences (the new one is on the right):

More marks on the inner surface (now we have not only the web address, but the Mooncup logo and "Made in the UK"):

The size is marked on the inner rim (it used to be on the bottom).

And the holes are more like vertical now:

And one weird thing: measuring lines of "new" size B are higher, but still marked as 6 and 12 ml. So I filled the "old" B to 12 ml line and then poured it into "new" B - here we go, it is lower then 12 ml line:

I can't explain it, I don't have any instrument to check the measurement.
Tags: diagrams & pictures, mooncup (uk)

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