Psyche The Sane (psychethesane) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Psyche The Sane

Does anyone in the Bay Area have any tips on where I could pick up a menstrual cup? (preferably Diva Cup) I had a classmate help me clean my room the other day, and she did the bathroom while I ran an errand or two... I got back to find a wonderfully clean room.... but no DivaCup!! I'm guessing she saw it sitting on the back of my toilet (always ready...) and somehow decided it was something to be thrown out. *sob*
And my period is due soon!
So. I want to buy one. I'm an hour from San Francisco, closer to Berkeley. (Actually I'm in Vallejo, but I doubt there's anything there.) So. Anyone know where I can buy a Diva?
Tags: divacup
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