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Paragard + Femmecup + Discharge all month long!

Hey ladies,

I've been a cup user for two or three years now. I used the Divacup before May 2010, when I got an IUD. (I'm one of those weird "not-until-I'm-married" types. So I was getting married Aug 6, 2010, but it didn't work out. Hence, I'm still a virgin. With an IUD. XD...) Now I use a femmecup. The warning on the Divacup scared me away from using it with my Paragard, just to be safe.

Like I said, I've had my IUD for 4 months now and I'm getting used to it. The only thing I'm worried about is this: I bleed for like 8 days- normal, and then for the rest of the month until my next period I have this tannish fluid discharge. I have been using my femmecup everyday for the past month-ish, and I'm worried that there might be some sort of health risk, having it up there all day and all night (I take it out to dump it, of course, but otherwise..) every day.

I just had my 3-month check up in August, and I told the doctor about the discharge and she didn't seem worried. I know it can't be an STI, since I haven't had sex. lol.

So what do you ladies think about my continuous use of a femmecup for discharge all month long?
Tags: continuous use, divacup, femmecup, health risks, iud, virginity

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