redsredux (redsredux) wrote in menstrual_cups,

seeking new cup companion

Like many others in this community, I'm starting to think of branching out and getting myself a second cup. Right now I use a small LadyCup. We're desperately in love, but I think it would be best to start giving her a break; after a year of use, she's a little scummy and stinky. I boil and scrub and that usually gets the job done, but I have a tendency to wear my cup for 12-24 hours at a time because,  while I have a 5-7 day cycle, usually my periods are quite light and I don't usually fill a cup in a day. In any case, I'd like to have a backup, and something to switch to if my Lady is in need of a nap.

So. I've been looking at the comparison charts and I think my best options are either a small Fleurcup or a small Lunette. What do you like? Anything in particular you can think would be relevant in making this decision?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, fleurcup, lady cup, lunette
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