heatha_featha28 (heatha_featha28) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleurcup/Lunette/LadyCup to the rescue?

So I'm beginning to believe I may have a strange obsession with menstrual cups...

I have tried Diva  -too long even inside out
I have tried Meluna Sm. & Med.  -leaking, leaking, leaking!
I'm still early on with the so-called learning curve, so of course I'll be testing out different folds, positions and what not...But I keep looking at other cups online...with that crazed look in the eyes, credit card in hand; BAD

The biggest problem I've had with the cups is them filling with water while Im swimming; so not cool. I live in Hawaii so I'm in the water all the time, this simply won't work...My idea is to get a cup that is more cylindrical in shape vs tapered to a point at the stem.

I think a new cup may be in order...I've narrowed it down to the Fleurcup, Lunette, and Lady cup.
Fleurcup and Lunette look REALLY similar-any thoughts??
Ladycup I've heard is super soft-True??

Thanks for your thoughts!

EDIT: Small sizes in all cups is what I'm considering

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, coloured lady cups, fleurcup, lady cup, lunette, lunette - limited edition, lunette selene, sports/physical activities
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