Jessica Hughes (jessihugh) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Jessica Hughes

New Divacup user

 Hello everyone,

I found this forum through one of my MANY searches for info on the divacup. I finally decided to buy it last night in anticipation of my period starting any day now, and I had a few questions that haven't been answered so far in my search.
About the suction: The first 'trial run' last night my fiancee put it in for me and I slept with it in.. this morning when i went to take it out, it slid out easily with no problem.. I'm assuming this meant that there was no suction at all? I put it in myself this time while lying on my back, and when i tried to test the suction by tugging on it, it wouldnt come out. Does this seem like a good way to test the suction? I wasnt squeezing it, just lightly tugging it by the stem.. i didnt feel any pain like others have mentioned having if they tried to pull it out without twisting it, so it seemed ok..

About the stem.. The stem is a bit noticeable, but not like irritating or painful. Its the only part of the cup that I can feel, but its helpful because otherwise i think id forget that i had it in..

I guess I'm just wondering how to be sure its in and suctioned properly.. silly me i have no idea where my cervix sits, or even what it feels like (poking around with a finger didnt help), so im not sure if the cup is in too far, or not far enough or what.. is it pretty much a trial and error thing (ie if your pants look like a crime scene, try again in a diff position/ fold), or do you just sort of "know" when its in the right place? I had NO luck with the rotation thing which the insert makes it seem like is the surefire way to make sure its sealed... any advice? tips? 

also, i'm 24 but have had lots of sex and have a son, so I have a model 2.   Thanks!
Tags: seal & suction
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