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Insertion Difficulties

 Thank you SO much for creating this community of support and information!  I stumbled upon your site a few years ago when I, apparently, had a similar thought as you about Native Americans and menstruation as well as wondered if there was an alternative and more environmentally friendly method for catching the flow.  

I love my menstrual cup.  I can't stand it when I have to use a liner or pad as back up but enjoy the greater freedom that wearing the cups provides.  No scent, reminder of its presence continually throughout the day and night, AND I am more active (yoga, sports, dance, etc) during it which is helpful for lower back pain.  Any mild discomfort that I use to get during my period is virtually non-existent.  No converts yet, but I rave about it all the time!  

I wore pads through my first year of college, switched over to tampons, and didn't switch over to the cup until about 2 years ago.  I tried Instead and it worked for about 3 cycles, then just quit catching anything.  My first ever cup was Diva 1.  About 4 cycles of trial and error and it finally became manageable.  Your folding techniques were uber helpful.  The 7 fold is the only one I can get to not cause pain upon entry because it folds into this small nugget, also it opens up fully inside me, most of the time.  Unfortunately, the ONLY way I can even insert it is lying on my back on my bathroom floor, which doesn't make it convenient when at a public restroom or someone else's house.  Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for me?  I've tried squatting deeply with legs spread wide with this fold and even other more painful folds, but I can't get it in past 3/4 an inch and that's terribly painful.  I've tried legs spread wide over the toilet success.  One leg up, standing normal, a slight wide squat...nothing seems to work except this laying on the floor trick.   It's been this way since I found my signature insertion fold.  

Diva cup is the perfect length so I must be long inside.  I don't have trouble reaching it nor does it poke uncomfortably.  I can still reach it even when it moves up further inside.  The capacity is perfect, but a little more wouldn't be bad.  Also, a little firmer might be good.  The suction is good when I can get it to open.  Doesn't effect my bladder nor cause irritation.  Easy to remove without spills and I just use a toothpick to clean those silly holes.  

Anyways, thanks for all that you've done.  I only signed up for this site so that I could be apart of the community instead of being an outsider looking in.

Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, success stories
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