jevanses (jevanses) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Painful suction problems

Hi everyone... first time poster.

I've been using the divacup 1 with the stem completely removed for a little under two years with no problems, except a yeast infection streak when wearing it with washes basically 24/7.  Anyway, so recently I've had some weird pain, as if I'm getting a pap, when I break the suction to remove my divacup.  Does this mean the suction is too tight?  Does anyone have any remedies for this?  I don't know why, all-of-a-sudden, I'd start having problems!!  Also, after I remove the cup, I notice my cervix seems to feel really pushed and almost kind of "loose", if that makes any sense.  Does the cervix need to be pushed into the cup for it to actually work, or do I need a smaller cup?

Thanks guys... :)
Tags: seal & suction

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