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Weird as it would seem, I was eager for my period to start this month because of my new toy...

From left to right: my new Fleurcup, size L, my orange MeLuna, size L, and my other clear MeLuna, size M.

I think I've found the perfect cup for me: a Fleurcup, size L. Today is my second day, the heaviest of an already heavy flow, and I've only noticed a very, very light spotting compared with an annoying and sometimes heavy leaking of my MeLuna. The Fleurcup is big enough to fit me perfectly: even in the morning my backup pad came out immaculate!

The only problem is that, even if the rim is smaller and softer than the MeLuna's one, I still have some difficulties in taking it out without being a little sore afterward, but I guess it's part of the learning curve in adjusting to a new cup. I've already learned how to angle it to make sure the stem doesn't poke me (I've trimmed it but one step up to the base of the cup).

Also, a question. While searching for the right angle, I've noticed that my pubic bone is sitting right above the rim of the cup. Is it possible that it keeps the cup sightly pushed down and thus leading to some leaking, especially while sitting?
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