AubreyMD (aubreymd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi. :)

I've been researching menstrual cups for the past months, and just a month ago I decided that I really want one. I've entered all cup giveaway contests that there are for now. :) I'm pretty sure I won't win on any of them, but I might be somewhat lucky this time. :P But because the chance of me winning is pretty low, so I've decided to save money for a cup. I currently have somewhere around 50 dollars.

Anyway, I'm 12, my period started last year, my cervix is 2.4 inches in, and of course I'm a virgin. I've never used a tampon, though. With my very active lifestyle, pads are very hard. I'm thinking about buying either a miacup, a femmecup or a ladycup.

I have to money, but I don't know how to order online. No one sells cups in the Philippines (even tampons are rare), so my only choice is online, but I don't know how to do that. Can anybody help me on how to order online? :))

Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: age, buying decisions, where to buy
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