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Healt Question

Hi every one,

I sell the Femmecup brand of menstrual cups in Mexico and i just received an email from a client that had for the first time bought a Menstrual cup. She immediately went to see her gynecologist and ask him/her what his/her opinion was.
The gynecologist, told her that he/her is worried about the use of the cup and thinks is risky because if the cup over fills the menstruation would be finding a way out and because of that it could go back into the uterus and the Fallopian tube which could create something called (in Spanish) endometriosis.

So my first answer to her is that I've never heard of a case like this for a women using the cup. Beside that, for that to happen the women using the cup should then have a very heavy flow and gear the cup for many hours, not to fill the cup but the vagina and forcing it back trough the cervix into the uterus. All this considering that the cup would leak at all. So I told her I thought that would be very very unlikely to happen, but in any case I would double, triple check all the info with different source.

So if any body could give there thought and knowledge about this it would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance
Have a great day!
Tags: endometriosis
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