mxmissileproof (mxmissileproof) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can't get cup out

I've been using my LadyCup for over a year now, with very few problems.  In fact.. I don't think I've had any problems, until yesterday.

I was in the shower, and for the life of me just could not get my cup out!  I live in a suite on campus, and while we have a 'shower room' large enough for 10 people to stand comfortably in, the actual shower stall is so small I can't even lean over enough to shave my legs.  So, I'm in this tiny stall shower trying to get my cup out and can not do it.  I step out so I can dry my hands and try, and still, nothing.  I'm bending and flexing and pushing in all sorts of positions, and FINALLY, after seriously at least a half hour of struggle, I get it out... to have all of its contest spill all over my roommates white bath rug.  Talk about stressful.

After using salt, stain remover, and throwing it in the wash, the rug is (thankfully) clean.  What the heck happened that I couldn't get it out?  I haven't used my cup since, tbh, out of fear of it happening again :/
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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