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It worked! YAY!

Age: 24
Virgin: no, but have abstained for 3 years
Kids: none

My very first menstrual cup arrived in the mail yesterday. Just in time for the last day of my period. I was SOOO excited!! For all the advice about choosing size carefully, I had NO idea, so ordered a Meluna medium. But what did I get in the mail? Not one, not two, but THREE cups of different size! Wahoo!! So I boiled them up and got to inserting the small.

I had looked at various folds and tried the 7 fold first up, I had NO idea if it had popped open or not. And bear in mind, the only time I fiddle around "down there" is inserting/removing tampons. So this was quite different. But grin and bear it: in goes a finger to go around the seal to check. Everything seems in place, but it's rather far up. Not being particularly comfortable with how far up it was, I thought I'd try taking it out and reinserting it. HA!!

The small Meluna came with the ring, and I could not get any kind of grip on it. I tried for a good 10 minutes too! But I was getting a bit sore and decided to just leave it in over night and tackle it in the morning. So the next day (today), I hop in the shower and go for it. I ended up getting both my pointing fingers up to grab that ring and gently pull how I'd heard described. Success!! And, it's caught stuff!! I have NEVER been excited about menstruating before.

So I gave it a wash in the shower and this time used the punch down fold to get it back in. This afternoon involved a long story with a 2 year old wee-ing everywhere and me requiring another shower at home in the evening, so I get my cup out again, a bit easier this time! Nothing caught, period must be over.

But I just wanted to share my story with everyone and thank you all. I spent SO much time trawling this group for info, tips and tricks before I bought one.
It seems that the small size is right for me (boy am I glad Meluna sent me an extra two!!) but I wanted to finish this with a question: Should I expect to need the medium size at the beginning of my cycle when my flow is heaviest? Do I use a cup based on fit, or flow?
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