octupos (octupos) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So, my DivaCup is ruined.

Hey everyone.

I had my DivaCup for four years. It saved my life when my periods were so awful that I couldn't go to school (due to an extremely heavy flow).

I loved that thing- I really did. I recently had to toss it due to the most hideous smell radiating from it last night when I was cleaning it in the shower. Usually it had a soft, fragrant smell that wasn't bad at all.

This time, it smelled like rotting meat or something... just a sweet rot mixed in with a dairy farm and burned rubber... it was just horrid. I boiled it, I put it in peroxide, I scrubbed it with soap. I even had it sitting in the top of the bathroom wastebasket and smelled the area again a day later and it had not dissipated one bit!!

I am wondering- did I wear it too long? (20 hoursish)
Could I have some sort of infection/should I see my doctor?
Could it have been saved?
Is it safe to use a cup after it stinks so terribly? (not that I would, but I am wondering.)

Thanks in advance- this is my first post here!

In other news, I ordered a large blue MeLuna to replace it. Hopefully it will not have the same fate. :O
Tags: cleaning - smells

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