iudmama (iudmama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

hand surgery smack dab in the middle of my period

I'm having surgery on my right hand - my dominant hand - tomorrow morning and it will be day 5 of my period.   My period usually lasts 7-9 days.

I'm planning to clean and re-insert my cup before leaving for the hospital and hopefully my flow will be light enough by tomorrow I will be able to leave it in all day.
I've been trying to practice left handed insertion, and I can get a C-fold in with my left hand.  But I can't get it to open consistently. 
I usually use a punch down fold with my right hand.  I just can't seem to manage keeping the punch down closed till it passes my pubic bone when I try using the left hand.
I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and plan on using pads for the rest of this cycle...  waaaaa!

I would really appreciate any tips or suggestions for non-dominant hand removal and insertion!
Tags: disabilities & health problems
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