mad150n (mad150n) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups for sale, Melunas, Fleur

So, I have seen the new Lady Cup colors and am in love with the Turquoise color, I already have a LC, so to justify spending money on a back up cup I need to get rid of some cups that have not worked for me. All 3 cups haven't even been used for a full cycle, have not been altered/trimmed. Will boil prior to shipment. No bag included. Regular shipping to North America included in price. Paypal preferred. US funds. Because I have tried 6 different cups and only the LC works for me, please no trades. Thanks :)

Medium ring stem Meluna in Solid Black - Old Style, no signs of ring tearing $10 SOLD
Large ball stem Meluna in Red - Old style as well $12 SOLD
Small FleurCup in Violet (Purple) - Full stem intact $28 SOLD

Edit: Much thanks to the buyers I am able to buy my new cup now!!! sooooo EXCITED!!
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