kelleysunshine (kelleysunshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

2 Meluna cups available!

Hello all! *waves*

Im the girl who does the co-op orders. /grins
I have 2 extra cups available from this past order if anyone is interested:
I have a Medium green ball and a Medium green ring.
Offering them up for $24 a piece, this will include shipping. Both are brand new still in packaging.

Im also opening up another co-op order for those who are interested. Here's the fb page you can learn more about the order:!/pages/New-Orleans-LA/Meluna-cup-co-op-order/121396044559348

And here's my email:
YOu can place an order directly through my email or ask questions either way.
Prices are $20 per cup which will include shipping to US residents.

Just a heads up: my computers ben acting up lately, If I dont answer your email right away, please be sure Ill get to it as soon as I can! :( Sorry yall!

happpy Labor day!

ETA: My computer has been blocking my primary email for some reason unless in safe mode so I made a new email to be used for the cup orders:
Feel free to contact me there! ;)
Tags: meluna, where to buy

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