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Cups and general emergencies

We had a major earthquake this morning (about 18 hours ago now)...7.1 on the richter scale. Power, water, sewerage all out for most of the day. We have them back now, but with the caveat of 'we don't know how long they'll last so be frugal.'  The whole city seems to have gotten off quite lightly so far (despite noone having slept since 4.30am and the constant after shocks) - no fatalities reported yet and only 2 serous injuries!

So why is this relevant? My friend was just telling me that it's her 'cup week' and that the cup has been a god send because she didn't have to worry about it at all until the water came back on. Now she's just trying to manage emptying and cleaning the cup with the minimum water use (our tap water must now be considered contaminated until they can determine otherwise).

Even in the aftermath of an earthquake, cups are awesome.
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