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Crazed Questioner Seeks Sensible Answer

 I recently got a DivaCup 1. First off, I love it! I've never felt as liberated as I did when I threw my last boxes of tampons & liners in the trash! Also, I can't express how thankful I am for this community– lurking helped me make the switch, bigtime.

However, I was wondering something that I can't really find any answer to. Basically, I'm not a virgin (since like 2 years ago, bear with me ;p), but I've been on a sexless/toyless stretch for the past year(i.e. nothing in my hoohah). I've been using my diva to catch discharge (I have A LOT, used to use 3 pantyliners a day :/), so it's in almost everyday and, this sounds ridiculous but, ... I'm just wondering whether the diva will stretch me out down there.

I'm all good with the stuffing it in, but whenever I take it out and it pops, I freak out thinking I'm doing some damage. Also, I have noticed that it's been getting easier and easier to slip it in, but maybe that's just me getting used to it.

Can someone please either validate my concern/offer a solution or tell me I'm just plain crazy?

Also, I've ordered a small meluna (few mm smaller than the diva), as I wanted something separate for my discharge. If my concern is legitimate, will this help?

Thanks in advance! :)
Tags: continuous use, divacup, removal, sexual activity

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