boltedshut (boltedshut) wrote in menstrual_cups,

thoughts on which to get

hey everyone,
i've been thinking i'm going to give menstrual cups another shot.
i was a religious instead user until i got my iud in 2007. since then i've struggled to find a menstrual product that works and helps me "forget" my period.
i've been using reusable pads and sponges, but i think it's time for a change!
i tried using a diva cup and couldn't get it to work. i'm smaller on the inside, and felt the diva cup was too large both in width and length. i also have a kinda heavy flow.
i felt like i was going to be turned inside out while using the diva cup... lemme tell ya, not a good feeling!
i was wondering if anyone could give me some thoughts on which would be best. i'm leaning towards the meluna- it's cute and kinda smaller...

also, does anyone know where i can get a menstrual cup without having to order online? i'd like to see it before i buy it. i live in beverly hills, ca.
Tags: buying decisions
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