maggie (leitadlifi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

need to report a success!!!

i've been meaning to share my success story for a while. it's important to me that i do since i was so iffy about buying a menstrual cup in the first place, and needed lots of help. this community has been amazing for help. thanks to all of you!

so i purchased my first menstrual cup i think last january. i went with the divacup, mainly because it was the most popular one/the first one i heard about. i definitely suggest doing research but when you don't really know what you're looking for/what would suit you best, it's hard to choose.

anyway, i've had my divacup for about 8 months now, and i swear to god i would never go back. to be truthful it's not the most fun thing: taking it out, and putting it in. it takes practice and gets frustrating and occasionally messy, but overall it is nowhere near the trouble that it will save you (let alone the money!) in the long run. other than the aforementioned small annoyances, it's basically like i don't have my period at all. i don't dread it in the least, and i usually forget that i need to empty my cup because i forget it's in.

anyway, to all those who are debating the switch, my vote is 100% do it! you won't regret it.
Tags: divacup, success stories
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