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Worry-free yoga

My name is Susan Murphy and I am the owner of Tickle Me Pink.  I am impelled to share one of my own experiences with using menstrual cups.

 When I am asked about using menstrual cups during exercise, yoga, swimming, I always tell my customers that they work great and are very reliable.  This is what I have been told by the companies.  Well, I recently had a chance to prove this myself.  I practice Bikram Yoga,  a hot, strenuous 90 minute yoga workout.  I had the opportunity to practice on one of my heaviest period days and I decided of course to use my menstrual cup.  (As this is the only product I use any more)  To be honest, I was a little nervous.  Would it shift and pop open?  Would it leak?  Well, I decided to trust it.  

What a success!  I didn't have any leaks and totally forgot it was even in.  I am so grateful that this product exists and that I have the wonderful opportunity to share it with other women.  Menstrual cups really are amazing and offer so much freedom.  Freedom from expense, concern, mess and waste.

Susan Murphy


Tags: sports/physical activities

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