climbrunhike (climbrunhike) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cups rule!

I just wanted to be the umpteenth person to express their love for the cup!  I started using mine about 5 months ago and it's the best thing ever.  I do a lot of rock climbing and hiking and it's so nice not worrying about having enough tampons, or dealing with packing them out and disposing.  I've been traveling and camping all summer and it's been great to just have my boxes of tampons cluttering up my car or taking up space in the backpack!

This site has been an incredible resource, I can't thank you all enough for the in depth information!  Especially in my first cycle using the cup when I couldn't get it out the first time!  Made a mad dash for the computer and started reading posts, thank god for the tags is all I can say! 
Tags: success stories

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