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Hey everyone, I'm a first time user with a question. I trid checking the tags, but I kept coming across stories with problems so I don't want to psych myself out and not want to try it. And for extra info, I'm a 21 yr old virgin using a size 1 Lunette :)

Anyway, I got my period today so I wanted to try out my cup, but I forgot I have to sanitize it first. The only problem with boiling it is that I live with my entire family and I'm too awkward to be all out and proud about my cup. Especially with my dad and two 13 yr old brothers in the house haha. Can I use alcohol or anything like that to clean it? And if so, do I just soak it for a few minutes and then let it dry on a tissue/toilet paper or something? And then with in-between washing, is the lunette wash good to use (they sent me a trial with the cup)? But once that runs out, what kind of regular soap should I use? (I know it should be unscented, but I don't really know what they mean by mild...)

Huge thank you to this community btw, I hope this works out because I'm over the pads, the leaks, and the unnecessary worrying. <3
Tags: first time use

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