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Somewhat successful first try.

 I got my period today, which means I got to try my ladycup for the first time a few minutes ago. :) I had decided not to do a dry run before I got my period in case I got frustrated and gave up before I got to try it for real.

After having it pop open painfully half way out the first time, I got it in the second time. It made a slightly frightening squeaky noise and I could feel it opening up, which I think means it has gotten itself open and in the proper position. When I attempted to feel up there, it seemed like it was fully open. Aside from being slightly sore, I find that I began feeling very crampy almost as soon as I had it in. Is this normal? Will it go away? I don't usually have cramps, especially not in the beginning days of my period, so I know this isn't just my body doing its thing.

EDIT: I woke up this morning to find no leakage, and went into the bathroom to remove the cup. It hadn't gone anywhere during the night, so it was easily within reach, but it had suctioned itself quite well to my insides, and I cannot get it out. I'm not worried at all, because I expected this, and not being able to get it out means it opened up right when I put it in.

All that being said, most of the entries here on removal are for people who can't reach their cups. I can reach mine pretty easily, and a little bearing down put the rim of the cup within reach as well, but not enough to pull on the rim and break the suction. I think once I accomplish that, I shouldn't have too much issue getting it out, but how exactly do I break the suction without just yanking on it?

EDIT 2: Just when I was starting to worry I'd never get it out, the suction broke and I got it out, cleaned it, and put it back. I'm actually very pleased with the whole experience so far, if that's going to be my only problem (aside from the cramps, which I'm hoping will go away.) I'll be happy with cups in no time!
Tags: cramps, first time use, lady cup, removal

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