bilong92 (bilong92) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cervix issues and leaking :\

 I started using a moon cup uk about a year ago but switched to a meluna due to it being too big a leaking too much. the meluna is smaller and more comfortable but is leaking worse than ever. When it leaks it is usually when I initially put the cup in (as if there is no cup) or when it is half full.

I just discovered recently that my cervix is so low that it can see (w/ mirror) it sticking out side my vagina and when I insert the cup, my cervix is almost always inside the cup. Is my cervix the issue? What can I do so that I can end this leaking... I am getting ready to making a switch to pads or anything but having pairs after pairs of underwear stained...
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, meluna, mooncup (uk), seal & suction
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