mirijoy (mirijoy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain in the back?

Hello everyone! I just had my first postpartum period and used a size 2 Diva Cup for the first time. No problems inserting, but I can't seem to get the positioning right. Either it was too low, with the stem sticking a little ways out and it would work itself out so the base started to come out a bit. If I got it what seemed to be high enough that it didn't slip down, I felt a sharp pressure/pain in the area that I think was just inside my anus. I tried wiggling it around and inserting to different depths but couldn't get it comfortable and just ended up wearing it too low (which is uncomfortable  for the rest of my period. No leaking problems once I got the seal right. Suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

Side note: I wore it to Pilates and when I did a short spine (which involves laying on your back and spiking your legs up in the air, basically being upside down except for your head/shoulders), it broke the seal and when I came back down it gushed out...what a mess! So cup users beware of performing such maneuvers! LOL
Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, postpartum
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