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Melunas are made of Win. So is my boyfriend.

I haven't posted for a while, firstly because I have been on holidays and secondly because when I got home our internet was running so slow I could barely use Facebook let alone upload pic or anything. Anyway, I figured I should come on here and rave a little about how much I love my new cup.

I started with a Femmecup last year and I also entered a competition about the same time to win a keeper mooncup. Luckily I won a cup, and it arrived a couple of months after I got my Femme Cup. I had no major issues to begin with, except I regularly had trouble with my Femme not opening up well. I think the material is a little too soft for my liking. Except for the rim, which seems pointier than the Keeper's one is and tended to feel uncomfortable on removal. the Keeper was nice, witha  rounder rim but slightly less capacity. I felt like there was something more that I wanted but I wasn't sure what exactly.

So I decided to try a meluna. I will happily admit to being drawn in by the delightful colours. I ordered a meduim red ball stem Meluna from Femininewear, as well as a small pouch, and it was promptly posted to me along with a nice pen and some sweets. My enquiries prior to buying it were also answered quickly which I appreciated since it was a sort of impulse buy with the hope that it would turn up before i went on holidays. Thanks for that Theresa! I will be buying from you in the future, and will be recommending you to my friends!

It came not long before I left, so off I trundled to Hong Kong, my first port of call. And boy am I ever glad I switched to cups. Hong Kong in summer, in disgustingly hot and humid weather, would have been hell if I didnt have a cup. I was so thankful when my period started that I didnt have to use pads. Then it was a 10 hour flight with no stress,  a couple of days walking around in Finland (again hot and a little humid) and then off to a wedding, where I didnt have to worry at all since it was the tail end of it by then. Through all this travelling my meluna served me well. It's comfortable, easy to insert and pop open (pops every time without hassle), and although I was initially suprised by its suction, I have gotten used to it. Sometimes it wanders a little far up and I can't reach it without bearing down and wriggling it out a little before breaking the seal, but hey - it sure beats wandering Hong Kong with a gross sweaty sticky pad! 

well, I took some pics


Here they are in order of length of body without the stem (I cut the stems off because they irritate me if there's any hint of one. thats why I got a ball stem Meluna ). They are the Keeper Mooncup (size B), the Femmecup, and the medium ball stem meluna. The mooncup is longer than the Femme, but it's got a narrower body and has slightly less capacity if I remember correctly.

and showing the rim... Meluna, Mooncup, Femme. the Meluna and Mooncup have rounder rims, while the femme has a sharper, more defined one. Both the Mooncup and Femme also have writing on the inside of the rim, and the Femme has level markers. the Mooncup has the size printed in the bottom. These make them a tad harder to clean, as the Meluna has no markings, and is smoother thus nothing gets caught in the letters etc.

And this pic made me giggle a little, but maybe that's just me being immature. Anyhow, its the Meluna and the lovely pouch I brought.

I truly love my little Meluna. 

Also, my new boyfriend and I had a conversation. Mainly cos we both wanted sexytime when I had my most recent period. This was in regards to what he was, and wasn't allowed to do to/with me, and what the "period boundaries" were. I hadn't had this conversation with him before, due to us being a new couple and I was overseas for my first period since we got together. And although I was a little awkward, he soon set me at ease and he was really interested. I'm not used to boys being so interested in period stuff... mostly the reaction I get is being grossed out. I explained that I dont use what most girls use, and then had to give him all the technical details of what cups were and how they worked, and how I used one. I think next time he asks I'll just let him play with one of mine. Bottom line is, he supports my choice and actually thinks its a really good idea once I explained how much healthier and nicer it was.

he is Awesome.

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