Obsidian (purple_obsidian) wrote in menstrual_cups,

help with comparison chart

I've finally got around to making a chart people have been asking me to do :) But I'm missing some details... if anyone can help me fill them in, and check it's right - it would be much appreciated - thanks


I'm missing a few things though...

---ETA ok, I've filled in some missing spots.. still missing....

* Diva capacity to the rim (both sizes)
* Green Donna capacity to airholes (both sizes), length and width of the large - and what kind of stem it has
* Iriscup capacity to rim (both sizes)
* Keeper & Mooncup USA size A - capacity to airholes and to rim, and the width at rim
* Ladycup capacity to rim (both sizes)
* Lunette small capacity to airholes
* Miacup capacity to airholes (both sizes) (I can measure the large if nobody has an official measurement)
* Mooncup UK capacity to rim (both sizes)
* MPower capacity to airholes (I can measure it but if someone else knows, that's great)
* all of Naturcup's details
* Yuuki length without stem (both sizes)

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, faq
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