Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The use of the cup as a pessary (?)

Hello to all of you :))

Lately, I reread a topic from last year, "Positive Feedback" =
in which fireaphid evoked a lady's experience. This woman was advised by her doctor to use the cup as a pessary.

On the French EasyCup forum, three ladies are having problems with their MCUK (and even with the shorter MeLuna cup), since during their periods, their cervix rides very low and the cup protudes outside the entrance of the vagina :(...

I just saw serpent_849 posted an entry about an identical issue.
So I'll definitively have a look at your opinions and suggestions for her..

I hope my present post isn't polluting the LJ, but I would love to get to read the lady's account of her pessary-cup, as it could certainly be beneficial to other women ;-D.

Kisses !^^
& Thanks, in advance.
Tags: health benefits
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