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Meluna Company Question

I've already contacted the company about this, but I thought I'd ask here as well.

In June, I ordered a small ring stem Meluna through a co-op order here. There was some kind of strange delay in the international shipping (as in, it was stranded in somebody's postal/customs system, not that Meluna was slow to ship), and the cup didn't reach me until toward the end of July. As far as I can tell, this timeline suggests that it was among the last of the "old style" ring stems to be shipped out.

I'm finally far enough along in my period that I could switch over from my Fleur and MCUK. And, wouldn't you know it, as I was removing my cup today, the ring stem broke off. I'm lucky in that the cup itself is intact and functional and that I don't need the ring for removal -- but it definitely makes it easier.

I know the Meluna folks have been awesome about replacing ring stem cups that have broken. However, given that I ordered and paid via a group order, they have no direct record of my order or payment. Has anyone been in a similar position?

I mean, I would totally understand if they didn't want to replace the cup under these circumstances. There's not really anything I can do to prove that my story is true. (I can mail them the broken cup. Which proves that at one point, I came into possession of a broken cup, not that I purchased a new and intact cup from them.) At the same time, my vagina kind of lives for the days when I can insert a cup that actually fits it.

Edit: After sorting some things out and sending a cup photo, Frank said today he'd send me a replacement cup. :)
Tags: customer service, meluna
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