Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sm. Miacup for sale!! I'll also trade it for a Lrg Ladycup, (but it has to be new)!

I'm selling it for $30 plus $8 shipping. It comes with the bag, and it'll be shipped via fedex 2 day. I've only used the cup for a couple of dry runs,  and I'll boil it before it's shipped.

I'll also trade for a lrg lady too, preferably yellow, but it can be any color.
Also, it's the 2- holed version and I've completely cut the stem off:

The miacup's not really pink, btw, it's actually more like a maroon:

I'd prefer to use paypal, but I'll accept money orders and checks too.
Tags: buying decisions, miacup, where to buy

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