leapsandturns (leapsandturns) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Femmecup success!

Hi everyone,

Posted here about 4 weeks ago (I think). I'm 16, virgin, and a very proud Singaporean! (Put that in because of the YOG. Hah.)

So anyways, I got my mother to order a Femmecup from the company site. Reason for the choice was 1) cheap! 2) only one size available so I wouldn't have to make a decision. Am totally aware that they are both lousy reasons for choosing a cup. Do not follow example. But luck for me, it all worked out quite well in the end, so no regrets!

Insertion was pretty easy once my period got started, which surprised me pleasantly as I've never been able to stick it in (ouch) before. Popping open was never a problem.

BUT LET ME WARN NEW USERS: REMOVAL WILL BE A BEEYOTCH. And that's the understatement of the century. 
The first four attempts at removal ended with me sitting on the shower floor with a the thing stuck in a very painful position, obstinately refusing to come out or go back in. I considered yelling for a pair of scissors, only I didn't want my sister (who was already completely grossed out by the idea of a menstrual cup) to see me in the state I was in. I even considered forcing the cup back in and letting it reside permanently in my vagina. The only thing keeping me from completely losing it was the fact that I was involuntarily drafting this very post in my head. It took about 10 minutes of squirming to get it out.

It would've been so easy to give up after the trauma I went through, but I'm glad I'm stuck with it because I've never had another one of those experiences after the first 4 times. I think part of the reason why would be that my vagina went through beyond-humane mutilation and has probably expanded to accommodate the cup. But mainly because I learnt to suck it up and stick my finger in (hence squishing the cup flat) before yanking it out. I can't say how helpful that is, so I'm letting the red letters speak for themselves.

Another important thing: Just because it's supposed to "sit low", doesn't mean you don't have to push it in. You still have to, or you'll experience a sensation that feels vaguely like an air bubble perpetually stuck in your ...

But apart from that, I think I've reached a good level of adequacy in menstrual cup usage. It's true that things will be hard at first, but if you stick with it, your cup will turn from your worst enemy to your good buddy in no time. I highly encourage lurkers to take a leap of faith and GO FOR IT. Really. It has saved me the guilt of dumping tampons and pads into the trash, among other benefits. If not for your own well being, buy one for the environment!
That's it. And thank you all for supplying me with this wealth of information :)
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