mango_kiwi19 (mango_kiwi19) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Miacup capacity? 14ml or 25ml?

 I am looking to buy a new cup because my Divacup is too long/my cervix is too low for it and the rim is just too stiff and irritates my bladder. So, at first I was considering the small Ladycup since it is softer and shorter but after reading reviews I think it just won't hold enough for me on my heavier days (I don't want to have to empty it every couple hours or so!).

So, my main choice now is the small Miacup, which is also softer and shorter than Diva. But there seems to be some inconsistency with what is reported as its capacity. Many sites state the small Miacup only holds 14ml, but the Miacup website says 25ml. So which one is it? Does anyone have a small Miacup and has an idea of what capacity it really is? And if anyone has a small Miacup and a small Divacup, how do they compare in capacity (or in any other category; which do you like more)? 

Thanks so much! I really need to figure this out! :)
Tags: divacup, miacup
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