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putting the jew in judicial

Every so often, I feel I have to re-proclaim how much I love my cup.

Here is why:

I have been too lazy to actually keep track of my bleeding for the past year or so (prior to that I religiously kept a little calendar so I could mark off the days I was bleeding).  Instead, I have learned to interpret the signs my body is giving me.  For example, I can usually tell the day I will start bleeding because I am extremely tired, I feel sort of *frisky*, I am a little bit bloated, and there is a really really really minor feeling of discomfort in my general uterine area (that will later turn into cramps).    

This past weekend, I went camping.  It was only a one-night adventure, not a big deal.  I thought about packing my cup but decided that it was a little bit early for me to start bleeding.  I'm sure you can guess what happened next:  Duh, I started bleeding.  And since I have been a cup user for so long, I stopped having random tampons hanging around in my bag.  I asked the folks I was camping with if they had any tampons or anything, really, for me to use and luckily, one person did have something for me.  

I came face to face with a tampon after not even having touched one for probably close to 3.5-4 years now.  I thought that this would provide a great opportunity to remember how much I love my cup.  Let me tell you all:  I love my cup. SO. MUCH. 

I experienced something I never experience before, which was the "disappearing tampon."  I used the one my friend gave me and then spent the afternoon swimming and canoeing and packing up the car and all.  I got back to his house (after buying some tampons at the store. Siiiigh.) and went to change it and...there was not a tampon in my body.  I had a moment of panic because I was like, "OMG is it lost in there? Wait. Duh.  Dork, you know all about this: no,it's not lost; no, it didn't disintegrate; yes, you didn't hallucinate putting it in. It just plain fell out."  Then I felt disgusted by the fact that somewhere my freaking tampon FELL OUT OF MY BODY and is just hanging out.  On top of this,  only regular tampons were available which meant I was changing them every hour (it felt like), and the string is gross, and the tampon was gross, and it just was not effective.  It felt unhygienic and it was smelly and disposing of tampons in a residential house is kind of a gross endeavor, too.

The entire 3 hour car ride home (on top of the rest of the trip), I complained to my partner about how much I love my cup (she is a cup user, too).  I got home and the first thing I did was put my cup in.  It was AMAZING.  

I effing love my cup.   You should, too.

P.S. I proselytize cups like CRAZY.  All my friends know that if they are having any cup issues, cup questions, or cup problems that they should call me.  And they do.  
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