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Removal problems - how to fold the rim?

 Hi :)

I am going on vacation for two weeks, and by my calculation, "aunty flo" will appear in the middle of the trip :( :(

So this week is my last one to get my cup-problem solved.

I love the idea of cups, so I have now 5 of them, each with different problems.
Mostly removal. Stupid removal! :(

It is the "getting the rim out past the narrow entrance"-problem that is killing me.
It hurts! ow, the pain :(

Mostly, I end up just yanking the last part out, but ooowww.. The rim is big, and the entrance to my ladybits obviously isn't. After a couple of these yanks, my ladybits are aching - which makes the next removal even worse.

I have no problems getting the suction out, but no matter how I try folding the rim, nothing helps. So far, the only thing working is the small ladycup since it is tiny, but that one is leaking - which makes it pretty useless..
I really want to wear cups on my vacation, since I cannot use tampons,  and pads in a bikini - a big NO!

I use my index finger to release the suction, then I try to make the rim to back down into the punch-down-fold again. But no luck :( the finger doesn't have enough room to get the rim down. I have tried pinching the cup with my thumb and index finger, and when it comes to the large ladycup, I can fold the bottom pretty easily. But still not the rim. Trying to get the rim into the c-fold isn't possible either, as it requires more fingers "up there" than I have room for.

Does anyone have a good tip to get the rim folded so it will seem smaller on the way out? I really need help.

Thanks :)
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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