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I am considering leading a workshop about menstrual cups. I created a zine a little bit ago for a class, and it needs updating. I included information about ALL the cups, but figured it would be better to include only cups available in the U.S. (takes up less room, makes more practical sense.)

What I need to know is what cups are available for purchase in the U.S.? Is there already a list compiled? Or is this something I might have to contribute to the community? And is there a list of all the places to purchase the various cups? I want something comprehensible.

Also, I need more free cups to display!! I've already got the Lunette, Ladycup, and Femmecup. Does anyone have any they would like to donate or know of companies willing to send some for workshop purposes?

Also, when I get the zine updated, I will definitely share it with you ladies to share with all your friends and for you to leave around!
Tags: activism, papers/articles/pamphlets, where to buy

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