queenfirelizard (queenfirelizard) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Easy and cheap activism

Hi all,

I had this brilliant idea the other day to order 250 of the "free" (not including shipping) business cards from Vistaprint, which I made with the menstrualcups.org website on it and a little bit of info about how awesome cups are.  I think they came out really cute!  I figured I'll carry a couple around with me so in case someone who I am talking with is interested in them, I can give them something to refer back to later to find out more info; or I could secretly leave one in a ladies' room.  If any of you would be interested, I am happy to mail 25 of them out to the first 9 responders in the US who can paypal me $1 to cover my costs (that ends up breakeven for me, given the cost of shipping at Vistaprint and the cost of first class postage).

If interested, e-mail me at i.heart.my.cup at gmail dot com and I will give you my paypal address.

Tags: activism
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