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Lost in a sea of cups

Hey Everyone.

I've been reading alot from the site for a few months because of curiosity. At first I wasn't sure about the idea of using a cup but now that I'm on my period I know that I don't want to experience the feelin of a pad or stiff tampon anymore. So I've decided to start my quest for a menstrual cup. So here's the info I've gathered for you guys:
20 years old
virgin, uses tampons (reg-supers)
first few days of period are heavy but my entire cycle lasts about 7 days..ugh
Ive done some vagina measurin and my first day of my period i was a little less than 2.5 inches
Today its about 2ish.
From the research Ive done I really like the Lunette and Fleurcup (the smalls) because of their capacity and size. The only problems is Idk if this would be a good fit. I'm frightened of gettin it stuck up there. But if I were to get a cup that were small, would leaving the stem help? Ive just read alot about how people find them uncomfortable thus removing them. The closer I am to making a decison, I read more and get more undecisive. There are just so many cups to choose from.If there are any other cups that sound like a good fit let me know. I appreciate all the replies. Thanks!

EDIT: will small lunette or fleurcup be okay or should I got with large? and also I'm really struggling with this decision lol since they basically have the same dimensions.
Tags: cervix position, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, lunette, sizes/size issues
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