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Help!! Need Miacup in under 3 weeks!!

I'm sorry to be a bit abrupt but I was just sterilizing my Miacup after my period when I got totally side tracked. I didn't remember till I smelt the rubber burning and now I can't even look at the poor thing!!! I've benn using the Mia for close to two years and there is no way I'm going back to disposables while I wait for the new cup to arrive (I've already mailed the company begging them to see if they can expedite shipping or something but last time it took me close to a month and a half before it arrived and that would mean one to two periods without the cup! And right at the end of the summer on top of things! Does anybody know if I can buy the Mia somewhere stateside or what is the closest other cup to the Mia? I love love love the Mia, the company and their customer service but I'm downright desperate right now!
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