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I'm not on my 2nd run of the diva cup. I finally decided to try menstrual cups after my sister had picked one up at our local organic store. Some info about me. I'm 23 years old, non-virgin. I've had my period for 11 years and I've been on birth control for 7 years. I went on the pill to regulate my menstrual cycle and reduce cramps  (because I also have a tilted back uterus).
Since being on the pill, my flow has always been very light. Too light for pads/tampons and too heavy for liners. Lame!!! I've always used pads since I had a friend who's mom died of TSS. I've also always had issues with tampons leaking (awful!). When my sister told me about the Diva cup I was super hesitant. 
I did a lot of research and found out how safe menstrual cups are. I was really concerned since my uterus is tilted back that I'd have leaking problems. I got a Diva cup anyway and was super excited for my period to start (for the first time ever). When I first used it, it took a few minutes to figure out a good fold (I use the U-fold). As soon as it was in I couldn't feel it (amazing!!). I used a liner just in case of leaks..and there were NONE! My 2nd run and NO LEAKS AT ALL! This is the best thing EVER! It's so convenient to leave it in for 12 hours since my flow is so light.
I've had some issues with the tip. It doesn't irritate, but when I first start using I can kind of feel it there (does that make sense?). I've also had issues with the cup traveling up after wearing it for a while. The Diva cup actually helped me become more in-tune with my body. I no longer dread my period! Being on the pill I have barely any cramps at all and now, with the Diva cup, there's nothing holding me back!
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