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New Videos And Other Recent Developments

I have been sooooo busy lately, but I wanted to get these up and posted before I leave for my mom’s house tonight.  I got a large Yuuki and Large Fleur cup a little while ago (donations for the videos and sites).  I‘m pretty sure I posted the updates for the photo libraries, but I finally got around to putting them on video too, for a better look.  I’m putting the links below, for everyone.  Also, I found a really good water-based, glycerin-free lube so I made a video about that too, with some tips, just for fun. 

Also, I’ve already told everybody on Facebook, and in my forum and blogs.  But I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not-- Caron (the U.S. head of distributions for Lunette) called me on the phone a while back and we had a very interesting talk.  I told her I was interested in being “more involved” with the menstrual cup movement.  So she sent me some distributor contracts.  I signed them and I am now a Lunette distributor, woohoo!!  I feel a lot better knowing that I’m more directly bringing cups into people’s lives, besides just videos and websites.  And as a distributor now, I have more backing in spreading the word.  Its like being part of a successful team that’s all about cups, so it’s a great feeling.  I put up an online store and everything (hope that’s ok to mention):

And as promised, here are the links to the new videos:    

Large Fleurcup:

Large Yuuki:

Lunette Diana:


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