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Choosing a cup, am confused, would love advice

Ever since I learnt of the existence of menstrual cups a month ago, I've been reading up all I can on it, including lurking on this community (which has already proven very helpful!). I've even been excitedly waiting for my periods to come along. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.) Instead of giving in to impulse, I've been studiously observing and measuring. A good thing, it seems, as I was first drawn to the MeLuna and Lunette, yet based on my subsequent observations, perhaps not the best cups for this first-timer.

I would greatly appreciate the advice of the ladies of this community. I have a tendency to overthink things, and I've never used any internal menstruation products before. I'm a tad anxious, to tell the truth.

I'm 23 years old and am not a virgin. I have no children. I live in Australia, so I expect to order any cups from overseas anyway. Cost is important to me, but I'm open to paying top dollar for the most appropriate cup, or alternatively, trying two cups of cheaper and different brands.

a.) cervix depth: I've noticed from a month's prodding at the poor thing, that I can just touch and trace the roundness of my cervix with the tip of my index finger, and sometimes my wrist is strained from pushing the finger in to its hilt. I think my cervix is usually around 65mm in. I'm currently on the third day of my period, and it still seems disinclined to move -- 60-65mm.

b.) potential cup length: based on my observations in A, I think I'd be looking at a cup of moderate length, perhaps a bit on the long side, so around 49-55mm? Is this range reasonable, or am I missing out on some good cups by limiting myself? (I've heard great things about the Lunette, for example, but I'd be afraid of not being able to retrieve it easily.) I don't think a cup as long as the DivaCup would be comfortable or even necessary, since my cervix isn't usually playing hide-and-seek when I go looking.

c.) width: according to the sizing chart, 43-44mm, though my criteria is 42-44mm.

d.) menstrual flow: since I haven't ever used tampons, I'm not sure how many millilitres I typically lose. Based on my experiences with disposable pads, I'd probably be light to moderate, barring the rare gushing that likes to surprise me at inopportune moments. (One thing I really hate about pads. No consistency to the flow, sometimes just a light trickle, then... BAM! The sensation of sudden flow, even if the actual pad is far from filled. Or is it just me being odd?)

e.) shape: most cups seem to be hoop-skirted. A few are narrow-bodied. I have no idea how to differentiate based on this. Narrow-bodied cups are good for narrow vaginas, I guess? Hoop-skirts create better suction?

f.) material and firmness: no latex. Otherwise, I don't know. Squishy cups are better because they're easier to insert? Firmer cups are better because they retain their shape? I'm leaning to the former because of a possibly sensitive bladder as well, but I guess it's one of those things I won't know until I try.

Based on all that, my requirements seem to be a cup of median width, moderate length. I'm thinking the Miacup (extra squishy, apparently), the SheCup (seems to be fairly unknown, doesn't have trimmable stem), the UK Mooncup (firmer rim than most?, narrow-bodied), and the Yuuki (also pretty squishy, on the short side?). Of them, I'm leaning to the Miacup first, Yuuki second.

I've made a lot of assumptions to get to this point... so, am I assuming anything falsely? Are there any cups other than those which I mentioned I should be considering? Out of the cups I mentioned, which cup seems reasonably easy to use for a beginner? Any of them would probably work fairly well, but... I have to settle on one somehow. =D Thanks for letting me ponder out loud, and for any comments you may have.
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