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Small size Ladycup for sale.

I've a small size ladycup (Pinkcup) for sale. It was only tried twice. Once on a dry run for a few minutes, once with light bleeding. I have no stds/stis or anything, never had any infections or anything like that. (im 19 and never had kids, I recommend it for you if you are younger or have never had kids, or just prefer a small cup)

 I paid a good price for this, around $38. I would like to sell it for BEST OFFER or $25 shipped within the US

This cup will come cleaned/boiled with a pink ladycup carry bag,  and milton sterilizing tablets that came with it.

The cup is just not for me.

I have 100% positive feedback on ebay (+71) , and I only take paypal. Please inquire if interested, and if you feel more comfortable, I can make an ebay listing for you. 

The cup will be shipped USPS with delivery confirmation.  I will upload photos if there is interest.


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