Naoko Kensaku (mistressnaoko) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Naoko Kensaku

An accident happened to me

I had just finished doing business no 2 (the big one) and was reinserting my cup before flushing the toilet when one of the cleaners in the toilet made a huge sound and the cup slipped out of my hand and yes... into the toilet bowl.

Horrified, I quickly fished for the cup in the murky brown waters, rescued my cup, and while using the bidet to wash my cup thoroughly, was faced with a dilemma; should I just reinsert or do I rush up to buy an Instead and hope I don't stain my panties too badly? (Day 2 tends to be the heaviest day for me).

I decided to reinsert.

Several hours later, I'm now at home with my cup sterilised. Never will I do such a thing again.

I've decided to get an extra cup to ensure I'll always have a spare with me. My two questions are:

I'm currently using a large LadyCup. Which coloured cup would come in closest to both the capacity and comfort of this cup?

Secondly, do they deliver to Malaysia?

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions

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