ssmagic2 (ssmagic2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Insertion... soo happy!!

Ok, so I just got my diva cup, and had been trying for 2 straight days to get it in!! Very frustrating, I can tell you that, lol... I'm 20, a virgin, and still in the dry run phase, btw. I read the Virgin's Guide to Cups, read as many posts as I could, looked at diagrams, and tried all the different folds. Still nothing, and no matter how much I tried to relax, it was so painful! However,I can still remember the first time I used a tampon, which was even worse. Haha, it took me a full week one of those in by myself (but maybe that's tmi)...

Anyways, I woke up this morning, and got it on the 3rd try! Yay! I kinda had to force it all the way in, and couldn't figure out whether it was open. I could still feel it, but after a minute or two, I felt the pop into place. Now, it's almost like nothing's there, unless I move a certain way. =)  I'm going to wait a while before removal and I'm going to keep practicing until my period comes. I wanted to know, though... If I trim the stem, will I not be able to feel it at all?
Tags: insertion

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