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I converted my daughter......almost...

So you youngings inspired me to talk to my 12 year old about cups again.

  Instead of her committing to a cup, i got her INSTEADS today at the store while the 2 of us were have a little "mother daughter day"
and told her she could try these......or not, it was up to her, but id buy them, and keep them around, just incase.....and left it at that.
we joked a bit about them in the store, and i told her my concerns about the chemicals in pads and tampons, but that was all the 'talk' we had.

I bought them, and she happened to have her period that same day.  so she ran home from the store, straight up to her room, and tried them out!
and so far soo good.

I think what sold her on it was that she didnt have to check on it, or change it every few hours, or clean the cup, that she could just throw it away.
Im soo happy.. now, its only been a day, but if she continues to like it, i bet i can have her in a cup by next month!

I think with my other 2 girls (also preteens) i will show them the insteads, and cup right away so they wont be scared of it, they will think its normal..haha

now that aside..... those insteads are BIG.  bigger than my Diva size 2!!!!  WOW, i dont know how my BABY got one inside of her!

i need a special cup icon..LOL.. where do you all get your userpics from?
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