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1st timer Freak Out, new question

Edit:  New Question....
Should have mentioned why I was doing a dry run, sorry....when I 1st entered my questions/comments I was only thinking of the initial experience....

Getting an IUD Monday. Anyone use a menstrual cup for spotting? Is it similar to a dry run? Should I just use a pad?

Original Post:
Maybe I'm just freaking out, but I got my 1st cup in the mail yesterday: Medium MeLuna with ring stem. (New velvetish finish cause I was paranoid I'd not get the shiny one out...)

1st reaction:  Wow, this is small.....was my order filled correctly?....double checked, yup, right size.....
Ok, sterilized by boiling and did a dry run.  Used the punch down fold and I couldn't get the sucker to pop, pulled it out and....DISCHARGE.  Gobs of it!  So I think, ok, its normally there, I'm not tearing out my insides, I'm fine....Washed it out, try again. Use the c-fold, it pops before I have it in...hmph...more discharge...wash...c-fold, again....I got this in, I try to reach to see if the seal is complete but then OMG, I can't reach the sucker!

I'm spazzing out at this point, I bear down, throughout this trial I'm urinating between each session, btw, ok so I finally reach the tip of the ring, grab it, and wiggle it out...."POP"....and  I'm thinking that if it were full of blood that would be quite the there's more gobs of discharge, oh, I'm peeing again...

I've now fastened a string to the ring of the cup, I'm used to the string of a tampon anyway, and I successfully "wore" the cup for a few hours with no discomfort to speak of.  I could feel "pressure" where the cup was for maybe 5-10 min, then nothing.  I pull my string and before I can grab the cup, it pops again and I think....that would be a big mess...

*Sigh*....Do I get a large MeLuna?  Large anything else?  I successfully used an Instead on the tail end of my last cycle, but I am not able to feel my cervix no matter when....

Also, is the amount of discharge normal?  I know its not a UTI, had that a few times before and its nothing like it.
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, iud, meluna, removal
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