Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is the sm. miacup a good cup? And a questions about the Lrg lunette?

I've been meaning to buy one, and so I've been looking for reviews but there aren't that many; So could anyone who's used the miacup help me with these Q's?

How well does the sm. miacup work?
What are the pros and cons?
How much does it hold to the second rim (I have a low cervix, so that's the highest I can fill my cups, usually)?
Would you recommend it?
How big is the lrg miacup?

And about the lrg. lunette: How much can it hold to the second rim (again because of my low cervix)?

Also, how stiff is it? I've seen the squishiness charts (thx melissa!), but is the cup still really flexible?

Thank You!
Tags: brand comparisons, lunette, miacup

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